February 11, 2012

day two-hundred-and-eighty-five - shrimpfish

i actually drew this (and yesterday's owl) on thursday and MAN i should have been doing this the whole time. it's such a luxury to not have to draw!

that attitude probably suggests that maybe drawing is not for me. oh well.

© jem barratt

but i committed to this and i will see it through to my birthday. plus it's not the actual act of drawing that frustrates me, it's my lack of free time. so it's probably my job i should get rid of, not art.

when i first saw shrimpfish i was like "oh!" because they are cute and pretty and spotty. then i saw an orange variation and i was like "OH!". i like those ones a lot.

they are also known as razorfish and they are synchronised swimmers with surprisingly few olympic medals to their name. zero in fact. there really isn't much info on these guys at all, except that they swim vertically and look shrimp-ish.

cool. i didn't want to learn about them anyway...


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