February 10, 2012

day two-hundred-and-eighty-four - snowy owl

watch out for his bear feet!

© jem barratt

some may say i bumped up the levels too much. i may say that it makes it looks snowy and thus appropriate and thus awesome (i do say that. i just said it)

it looks pretty cool but also ridiculous. that's good enough for me. how about you?

much better than this weird drawing on the snowy owl wikipedia page... not that i go to wiki for animal information of course. i go to my brain. and to attenborough.

all you need to know about these owls is that they are the official bird of quebec, and are therefore awesome.

you may also wish to know some facts from nat geo:

they are likened to ghosts (in that they haunt people and you can walk through them)
they love fighting wolves (they love it. or maybe they just love defending their stupid owl-children)
their scientific name bubo scandiacus suggests they may have once been the source of the bubonic plague. or maybe not. i don't speak other languages

and interestingly enough, while snowy owls love to eat lemmings, they don't care much for the game. must be hard to control a mouse with claws.


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