February 9, 2012

day two-hundred-and-eighty-three - spider monkey

you will regret chastising me for posting photos instead of art when you see what 'art' i made today...

© jem barratt

i am so embarrassed for myself... oh my gosh... i just realised something. JEMBARRASSED.

wow. i could have been using that for the past twenty-plus years (when do you learn how to speak? i assume learning to pun comes very quickly after that)

so... do we have to talk about the picture? i mean, spider monkey limbs really are that confusing. i think i have deduced that the top one is the tail? let me know what you think. in the meantime, you should probably become acquainted with the superior posing skillz of the spider monkey.

i do flit between finding spider monkeys amazingly cool and very scary. i like their long-limbedness but their faces are spooky and they can move. really. fast. good thing i was jungle-sick on the day my friends saw spider monkeys in the bolivian rainforest hey? IT WAS A GOOD THING. *sob*

they are also another animal that can stare into your soul with their frightfully haunted eyes. actually, he looks like he barely has eyes. lifeless eyes you could say. black eyes. like a doll's eyes... ahem


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