February 21, 2012

day two-hundred-and-ninety-five - arctic tern

i really can't explain this...

© jem barratt

and i can't explain why i'm not embarrassed, and instead find myself rather pleased and wishing this were the name of a movie.

also the saying is "turn for the worse" but... i've already drawn it. pph, i don't have to say things goodly - i'm pursuing science now not linguistics (although there's a good chance that will be my next degree and i'll never actually make a career for myself)

my only explanation is that i drew this yesterday - the day i found out i only have a job for nine more days and also the day i had splints made for my stupid bent fingers. so comic relief is what i'm saying i guess?

but who am i to complain? boned fingers are nothing compared to what these terns endure each year. their breeding is circumpolar, meaning they breed around the arctic region, meaning that they have to fly there from wherever they live (north america, europe or asia), MEANING they fly almost 80,000 km a year. jiminy cricket!

no more complaining from me!


p.s. although if i could fly i wouldn't see it as a chore - i'd say i GET to fly 80,000 km a year. birds are so lucky.

p.p.s. i lied about the complaining

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