February 22, 2012

day two-hundred-and-ninety-six - goldfinch

i... love.... FINCHES! and you should too.

© jem barratt

i also love that drawing. quite a bit. the simplicity and the colour blocks are nice.

i now know why copic markers are so expensive - they're amazing. a marker with a paintbrush tip? done! they almost push poscas off the top of the list of my favourite things.

but i only own one. i shouldn't get ahead of myself...

anyhoo, this guy above is of the european variety, but the american one is pretty darned cute too. actually all finches are cute, and that may be why i love them so much. they're the perfect-looking bird - with that typical perfect triangle for a beak.

also they have no interest in being pets. they're fast, little, perfectly shaped birds with stern expressions. i can relate... (except for the speed, and size and perfect shape). yay for finches!


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