February 4, 2012

day two-hundred-and-seventy-eight - burrowing owl

burrowing owls have long legs. they are also tiny - so tiny you can hold one in your hands. or on your hand as it were. incidentally that is the cutest. owl. i. have. ever. seen! so cute it makes me rife with periods... or full-stops if you are that way inclined (non-americanly inclined).

anyway, on to the owl(s)!

© jem barratt

i love this! i painted a green one too but he looked terrible, so thank my cropping skillz. except i just told you about him anyway - but that is my stupidly honest nature i guess.

i think i will try to do this more, because it doesn't require watercolour skillz only the ability to blob colours on a page... pretty much anyway

burrowing owls are great though, they can look super cute (as seen above), crazy, intimidating, or just plain awesome. and although they are still night-hunters, they are quite active during the day, which has them other owls beat.


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