February 1, 2012

day two-hundred-and-seventy-five - francois' langur

oh how great is this day that is definitely not monday jan 30? super great i bet. i mean... i know

ok it's pretty tiresome writing these posts as though it's the future, and i've only written two. in any case, 'today' i drew a francois' langur.

© jem barratt

not bad jemma. not bad at all.

like many other primates, these guys are endangered, and also they have fluoro orange babies. i wonder if that's so they can keep an eye on them while they're too young to look after themselves? i don't think scientists know for sure, but that i certainly one of the theories. maybe i can find out when i, myself, am a scientist? i don't think that's getting ahead of myself...


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