March 5, 2012

day three-hundred-and-eight - spiny devil katydid

katydids are kind of like crickets, and are apparently known as bush-crickets in british english. sucks to be them (even though i realise that would pretty much incorporate so-called 'australian english'), because katydid is a much better name.

and even better, you're meant to pronounce it exactly how you think you should. though it would be understandable for any katys to find it grating and confusing.

maybe this will cheer the katys of the world up:

© jem barratt

spiny devil may not be the correct name (i must stop trusting the telegraph), but boy are they crazy. and spiny. theit devilishness is a little more subtle. but maybe their goofy looks allow them to be truly evil, and thus like the devil?

hopefully all my conjecture and postulation has distratced you from the fact that there were little to no actual facts in this post...

egads! what have i done!?


p.s. just found a hot pink katydid. i promise to include actual facts in the future torrent of katydid posts i plan to make

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