March 22, 2012

day three-hundred-and-twenty-five - red kite

forty days to go

side note: the spelling of forty really annoys me. i'm sure if i was american i'd be cool with it. but i'm not! also i think there should be an 'australian english' - canada has claimed their own english, which is so not its own language (i'm allowed to say that, i lived there for half a year)

wow sidetracked! now back to the important stuff. first, the drawing:

© jem barratt

mmm, nice and difficult to see. its how all art should be!

second, i have managed to drew yet another animal with a copy-cat scientific name, i.e. milvus milvus
(boo to linnaeus, someone who i usually appreciate for being a hilarious character and nature pervert, for originally naming these guys falco milvus and thus failing to impress me)

third, ... WAIT another side note: i was just going to write a mumble (if possible) tonight, and look at the monster it had turned into... uh oh... that side note is leading to ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: i do mumble like a banshee in real life (side note within a side note [an inside note perhaps?] banshees vocalise pretty clearly, what with their propensity for screaming, i.e. anti-mumbling) and have consequently ordered numerous soy lattes instead of skinny lattes


but not as fascinating as the feathers of a red kite. truly feathers-inating.


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