March 21, 2012

day three-hundred-and-twenty-four - honduran milk snake

but not your standard honduran milk snake...

© jem barratt

a two-headed albino specimen.

if that's not the most impressive thing i've ever drawn then i don't know what is. true, it's not very representative of the actual species... but to that i say... pphhh.

normally they are black and orange - i.e. BORING (actually they look just as cool in their normal colours), and only have one head - SO BORING

so nature decided to spice things up. and i appreciate it, although the snake presumably has a shorter life span and does not appreciate it as much as i

and hey, if i did draw a snake of normal colouring then i might have to tell you about an experiment i read about that tried to ascertain if milk snakes were coloured so in order to mimic the coat of deadly coral snakes and thus minimise predation

phew! lucky we avoided that!


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