March 20, 2012

day three-hundred-and-twenty-three - sulawesi wrinkled hornbill

eww wrinkles

© jem barratt


i don't know. personally i'm more drawn (pun definitely intended) to his colours than his wrinkles. more and betterer colours than i even depicted here.

ok, so the colours are the same. at least that photo highlights how weird hornbills are really.

and these ones are fancy too, feeding on fruit and figs (hang on ... why are figs listed separate from 'fruit' - some kind of conspriacy no doubt).

this is also a fine example of my apparent knack to miss an animal's coolest/most hilarious/most memorable common name. yes he is a sulawesi wrinkled hornbill.

but he is also a knobbed hornbill. DRAT!


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