April 30, 2012

day three-hundred-and-sixty-four - superb parrot

simply superb

© jem barratt

ohmigosh! they are also known as barraband's parrot. they are MY parrot!

well at least they belong to my band. when i start one. in the future. and convince my bandmates to name the band after me...

ok so maybe not. but i could always steal one (that's ALWAYS an option).


April 29, 2012

day three-hundred-and-sixty-three - whitemargin unicornfish

what a strange mash of words that name is

© jem barratt

and what a strange mash of bits the resulting fish is

i love that things like this exist. and the fat ones look even funnier (well, fat or perspective. you be the judge)

actually i'm not sure my caption is true. best things are indeed weird things, but not all weird things are the best things - in fact some are gross, creepy and dangerous.

oh well it's too late to change it now. it's probably best to go with it. so remember, ALL WEIRD THINGS ARE THE BEST. fact.


April 28, 2012

day three-hundred-and-sixty-two - lady amherst's pheasant

and what a lady she is

(even the male ladies)

© jem barratt

these guys/gals have so much more detail and beauty to them (to wit), i just decided to falsely depict them is all. either that or i'm sleepy/didn't want to

i'll never tell


April 27, 2012

day three-hundred-and-sixty-one - black-winged stilt

these guys look dumb. but in a good way

© jem barratt

a what-is-a-bird-of-that-tiny-size-doing-on-such-long-legs kind of way.

i'm sure you've come across that style of dumb before.

also 'legs eleven' is officially the best compliment ever, especially when yelled at you as you walk home from school...


p.s. and oh my GOD i wish i had legs that fluoro

April 26, 2012

day three-hundred-and-sixty - azure kingfisher

yum yum yum fish

© jem barratt

do kingfishers eat fish? i sure hope so. even better if they eat kingfish.

the coolest thing i know about this guy is that he has white lores (the lore is the area between the eye and the nostrils on a bird [amongst other animals]). now this is pretty inconspicuous until  he looks straight at you and BAM - double eyes! real eyes and ghost eyes.

cool. as are his fluoro feet.


April 25, 2012

day three-hundred-and-fifty-nine - oriental garden lizard

well i wasted my day off and i effed up my promise to only draw well for the last week of this dumb project

© jem barratt

it looks like a lizard, i'll give you that. but this is what the real deal looks like. amazing

i'm very disheartened today. and i could tell you that i promise to make the last six drawings super great, but i think i've lied to you enough


p.s. woah dramatic! here's some cheery news - this guy's scientific name [calotes versicolor] indicates his penchant for rainbow skorts (or culottes)