May 1, 2012

day three-hundred-and-sixty-five - ???

a few people have asked me what i was going to draw for the final animal. and i had no idea. i sure wasn't going to put in any extra effort - why should i draw something special? it's just another day. obviously this project comes across as way more meaningful than it is.

but then i had a great idea. until now i have depicted animals i like. why not depict one i hate? i would art-ify the most evil and destructive of all animals...

humans. truly despicable characters.

but then i thought. who am i, the adelaide zoo? i'm not that lame. i'm lamer. and so i end with just another animal...

© jem barratt

a mountain gazelle. just another antelope (and no i am not nude [and no, if you really need to know i am not actually an antelope {NOR do i really look like one - a failure all 'round}])

farewell no-one. i am a scientist now, and thus must give up on art.



  1. are you nude?

  2. Whats your real name? I work for SONY and would really like you to come down to the head office for a prize.

  3. I hate people too, we should catch up.

  4. Damn! I was really hoping you were an antelope.