September 27, 2011

day one-hundred-and-forty-eight - red panda

why oh why did i wait 148 days to draw my favourite animal?

© jem barratt

but more importantly, why oh why oh why can't i draw my favourite animal!? how ludicrous

i should be able to draw them like the back of my hand... draws them. what?

even more importantly why oh why oh why oh why have you not yet seen the red panda strut? there was a period of my life, while studying in french canadia by myself, during which i spent most of my free time searching for red panda videos

i have so many favourites - if the one above does not sate your appetite feel free to ask me for more

in fact, let's have a RED PANDA PARTY!*


* i bet you expected a red panda in a party hat or millions of them jumping out of a cake. wrong! this was the only guy that showed up - the saddest red panda in the world

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