September 25, 2011

day one-hundred-and-forty-six - laughing kookaburra

we all know (and hopefully love) kookaburras but here are some things you may not have known about them:

- they are kingfishers that live inland (that's just plain odd for a mostly riverine family). and the largest kingfisher in the family too
- they all 'laugh' but the guy i drew is specifically a 'laughing kookaburra'
- they are mesmerised by hot chips (if my trip to the zoo today is anything to go by)
- they are (apparently) known as 'the bushman's clock'. i wouldn't mind using one as an alarm myself
- you'll often hear them as a part of the jungle ambience in old adventure films, no matter what the continent
- i drew one today...

© jem barratt

i quite like him - i tried to do a more simplistic and less realistic drawing - but not as much as i like this guy

in other news, a red-tailed black cockatoo had fun trying to eat my bag today. i was tempted to scoop him in my bag so i could keep him, but that's 'stealing' or 'animal cruelty' or something


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