September 8, 2011

day one-hundred-and-twenty-nine - sheep & cow

to spice up part three of the 'drawing from ceramic milk jugs i saw in frankie magazine' series i have decided to test myself - for drawing an animal a day is not enough of a challenge! i also challenged myself to come up with the worst animal puns imaginable (punimals...). the winner?

© jem barratt

yes! terrible enough?

other contenders follow:
- cow are ewe?
- not baaaa-d

- cow's it going?
- sheeps good (only work in south australia)

- nice to meat you (doesn't really work)
- nice to eat you (really doesn't work as they are both vego)

if you have any other suggestions, i'd be happy to read them! (i'm talking to you sen)

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