September 1, 2011

day one-hundred-and-twenty-two - micro pig?

apparently this is a baby micro pig. now THAT is tiny:

© jem barratt

i don't really know what a micro pig is but i presume it is a pig that is bred to be extra tiny so as to also be extra cute. and thus, i presume, it probably has boned organs and such and dies early much like teacup pomeranians. now they are crazy cute, but crazy cruel - so one kind of cancels out the other.

with the interwebs at my fingertips i could actually look that up, but aren't presumptions just so much more fun!?

fine. i just looked it up, and i was right. if you breed an animal mainly for its looks there's a good chance of inbreeding, which means there's a good chance of depleted immune systems and sickly animals. no good.

if i were unethical i'd snatch me up so many teacup puppies - but ultimately it's terrible for the animals so no dice.

animals are cool as they are. just about anything can be cute in its own way - fat, wormy seals; scary-looking aye ayes; and even woolly bear caterpillars.

or maybe it's just me...

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